Industrial robots have become key players in the manufacturing industry. These automated devices are designed to perform dangerous and repetitive tasks so that workers don't have to. Their actions are directed by various programming controls and software that enable them to operate 24/7, increasing productivity, throughput and product quality.

Epson Robots are the robot of choice for super high precision, high speed, high performance, ease of use and overall value. They offer a complete lineup of SCARA, 6-Axis, and Linear Modules and they also offer a 2 tiered controller approach with the value oriented RC180 Controller and powerful Industry Leading Open Architecture RC620+ Controller. As global leaders in industrial 6-axis and SCARA robot manufacturing, Epson provides consumers with the highest quality industrial robots.

When you come to Gibson Engineering for Epson robotics, we'll work with you directly to determine what robotic arm or feeder system will best serve your requirements and objectives. Our employees exhibit exceptional product knowledge at the point of sale, helping customers secure the automated solutions they need to optimize their facilities.

What Are SCARA Robots?

Epson designs and develops state-of-the-art SCARA robots. Also known as Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arms, these robots are among the most common in the industrial field and are well-suited for mechanical automation and smaller assembly applications. They comprise two intersecting arms jointed at the base, giving them a versatile range of motion.

When you come to Gibson Engineering, you'll have access to Epson's award-winning lineup of SCARA robots that set the standard for speed and precision. These innovative, all-in-one industrial robots are designed for fast and easy integration with minimal installation times. Epson compact SCARA robots in your plant ensure that you can achieve smooth and seamless automation like never before.

What Are 6-Axis Robots?

Six-axis robots are articulated machines that deliver strength, flexibility and reach to facilitate countless industrial applications. These industrial robots can move in X, Y and Z planes and move similarly to the human arm, employing pitch, roll and yaw movements. These flexible devices are named after their six axis configurations, or six degrees of freedom.

Epson produces a high-performance 6-axis robotics line designed for optimal flexibility and reliability. These robots can navigate even the tightest spaces due to their SlimLine design, enhance motion and efficiency using a folding arm, and reduce vibrations with Residual Vibration Technology.

Epson Robots Product Solutions

T3 SCARA Robot

The T3 All-in-One SCARA Robot offers fast, easy integration, and takes less time to install than slide-based systems. With its space-saving all-in-one design, the T3 includes a built-in controller and power for end-of-arm tooling, all offered at an ultra-low cost.

  • Flexible due to 4 axes
  • Efficient operation & maintenance
  • Energy-saving due to low wattage and power consumption
  • Space-saving due to small footprint & no separate space needed for controller
  • Battery-free encoder
  • Easily accessible inputs and outputs
G Series Robots

G-Series SCARA Robots provide extreme Power of Choice with models from 175mm to 1000mm in length with Clean/ESD, IP54 or IP65 (dust or washdown) as well as, ceiling and tabletop models.

G1 - Mini SCARA Robots available in 175 and 225mm arm lengths
G3 - 3rd generation of SCARA Robots with over 30 models available in sizes from 250-350mm
G6 - The workhorse of the G-Series available in 450, 550 and 650mm lengths
G10 - Designed to pack on a heavy payload and then run at high speeds 24/7
G20 - 20Kg payload and up to 1000mm reach

LS Series

LS-Series SCARA Robots were created as the low-cost, high-value, high-performance factory solution, and use a wide variety of low-cost technologies, including the new RC90 Controller.

LS3 – Comes with a 400mm arm length
LS6 – Available in 500, 600, 700mm arm lengths
LS10B – 10kg payload and high acceleration/deceleration rates
LS20 – 20Kg payload at a value price

rs robot

RS-Series SCARA Robots use a unique new design to improve both work envelope usage and cycle throughput. The arm structure was designed so that joint 2 can maneuver under joint 1 and thus utilize the entire workspace underneath the arm.

RS3 – 350mm arm length with no lost space in center of work envelope
RS4 – Zero-footprint robot with 550mm arm length

C Series

Epson 6-Axis Robots offer high performance, high payloads and high precision in a slimline body with compact wrist.

C4 - Compact robot with 655mm horizontal reach and 855mm vertical reach
C4L – Long reach model has a 900mm horizontal reach and 4Kg maximum payload
C8 - Mid-sized 6-axis robot with 8Kg maximum payload
C12XL - Long 1,400 mm reach and up to 12 kg payload


With next-level technology, the VT6L All-in-One 6-Axis robot is available at an incredible price with 900 mm reach, up to 6 kg payload and built-in controller. It includes many of the features found in Epson’s high-end robots, including powerful Epson RC+ development software and easy integration tools. Whether it's loading and unloading, packaging or parts assembly, this full-featured performer offers the perfect solution for simple parts transfer automation.

  • Easy to use
  • All-in-one solution, with a space-saving design
  • SlimLine
  • Simple cabling design
  • Low wattage and power consumption

Featuring patented compact folding arm technology, the innovative Flexion robot offers significant advantages in efficiency of motion and workcell space reduction. With the ability to operate in a tight space, the Flexion can be utilized in production lines that traditional 6-Axis robots cannot.

N2 - 450mm reach and 2.5 Kg maximum payload
N6 - Offers a 1,000 mm reach and a payload up to 6 kg


With a multi-tiered controller offering, Epson gives our customers the Power of Choice to select the right product for the job. Epson Vision Guide software leads the industry in ease of use with a point and click development environment filled with high performance vision tools.

RC90 – Powerful yet inexpensive controller for LS Series SCARA Robots
RC700A Workcell controller is next generation in Epson PC based controls
CV1 – Vision guidance that’s easy to learn and use
CV2 - High performance with up to 8x the speed of CV1

rc+ express

RC+ Express is a simple, visual-based teaching environment built for users who are new to robot automation and have little to no programming experience. The easy visual builder interface allows you to quickly get started with industrial automation without the need of a highly-skilled engineer.

RC+ Express features an easy-to-learn, block-style robot teaching environment to get users up and running fast. This intuitive software development environment is designed for use with Epson's T-Series All-in-One and LS-B Series SCARA robots.

IntelliFlex Parts Feeder Solutions

IntelliFlex parts feeding solutions are 3-axis vibratory flexible feeders offering high-performance part feeding, pre-orientation and optimal surface distribution of bulk parts and components. Powered by Epson Robots, IntelliFlex software and Vision Guide, the IntelliFlex Parts Feeding Systems delivers a powerful solution to accommodate a wide variety of parts. Simplify setup, improve flexibility.

inttelliflex 80

IntelliFlex 80 is anideal flexible feeder for small components from 3 to 10 mm for flat and cube-like parts, and up to 15 mm for long parts (e.g. pins and needles).


Size of vibratory platform:

  • 65 x 52 mm; ~80 mm diagonal
  • 2.6 x 2.1 in; ~3.1 in diagonal

Feeder size (L x W x H):

  • 320 x 61 x 138 mm
  • 12.6 x 2.4 x 5.4 in

Hopper sizes:

  • 160 cm3
intelliflex 240

IntelliFlex 240 is an ideal flexible feeder for components from 5 to 40 mm for flat and cube-like parts, and up to 50 mm for long parts (e.g. pins and needles).


Size of vibratory platform:

  • 195 x 150 mm; ~240 mm diagonal
  • 7.6 x 5.9 in; ~10 in diagonal

Feeder size (L x W x H):

  • 300 x 171 x 132 mm
  • 11.8 x 6.7 x 5.2 in

Hopper sizes:

  • 2 liters / 3 liters
intelliflex 380

IntelliFlex 380 is an ideal flexible feeder for components from 15 to 60 mm.


Size of vibratory platform:

  • 254 x 325 mm; ~380 mm diagonal
  • 10 x 12.8 in; ~14.96 in diagonal

Feeder size (L x W x H):

  • 499 x 257 x 307 mm
  • 19.6 x 10.1 x 12.1 in

Hopper sizes:

  • 10 liters
intelliflex 530

IntelliFlex 530 is an ideal flexible feeder for components from 30 to 150 mm.


Size of vibratory platform:

  • 427 x 371 mm; ~530 mm diagonal
  • 16.8 x 14.6 in; ~20.9 in diagonal

Feeder size (L x W x H):

  • 600 x 372 x 320 mm
  • 23.7 x 14.7 x 12.6 in

Hopper sizes:

  • 15 liters

Benefits of Using Epson Industrial Robots

When you invest in Epson robots from Gibson Engineering, you'll experience all the benefits of these industrial devices:

  • Application versatility: Industrial robots can conduct applications for countless industries, such as material handling, palletizing, cutting, finishing, welding, spraying, painting and more.
  • Accuracy: Robotic devices are precise, consistent and repeatable, delivering the most accurate results.
  • Speed: Robots work considerably faster than manual laborers, boosting productivity on the job site.
  • Reduced labor costs: Automated robots can take over numerous manual tasks, saving companies money.
  • Minimal product damage: These devices execute gentle handling, resulting in reduced product damage.

Gibson Robotics Lab

At Gibson Engineering, we pair our extensive robotics experience with our cutting-edge robotics lab to provide customers with the information they need to confidently pursue even their most complex industrial projects.

We have the resources and technologies to deliver complimentary online and in-person demos, depending on your preferences. Our team of knowledgeable engineers can also conduct application testing and proof of concept testing in your lab or through software simulations. We'll provide you with real data to help you understand your facility's capabilities and challenges while determining how feasible your robotic applications are. Then, we can help you secure the Epson robots that best suit your needs.

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Epson’s robotics was founded in the manufacture of watch movements, which demands efficient and highly precise assembly of extremely small components. Today, Epson robots are deployed across our production lines to enable precision assembly, efficient manufacturing, and high levels of automation. Contact Gibson Engineering to learn more about the capabilities of Epson robots for your next automation project!