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This 1-day class provides a hands-on introduction to Intelligent Actuator's multi-axis SEL controllers/systems and programming environment.

Who should attend

Anyone who is responsible for production, quality, automation, maintenance, and system integration or engineering in a manufacturing environment, and who is interested in learning about IAI's simple programming environment for all SEL controllers will benefit from this one day class.


SEL Language Programming - Logic/Motion
  • Interpolated lines & circles
  • Palletizing
  • Push moves
  • Loops/Conditional Statements
  • Multi-tasking programs
  • Industrial Networking
Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Alarm Codes
System Specifications & Layouts
  • Robot arm & Controller
Connecting & Wiring Overview
  • Power
  • Inputs/Outputs
  • Industrial Networks
Documentation Resources
  • Manuals
  • CAD models
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Please click on the Registration Link to see the location of the training. Some trainings are in-person at one of our training facilities and some are held on-line. The requirements change based on whether the training is in-person or online. Please see below.

In-Person Class Details

In-person classes utilize the various Intelligent Actuator SEL controllers and actuators including SCARA robots, and multi-axis cartesian systems. Computers are provided by Gibson for this training, however students are also welcome to bring their own laptops if they have already installed the XSEL programming environment.

Online Class Details

Online classes utilize the built-in Emulator provided by the XSEL v13 or greater software. Students will need to have the software pre-installed before the start of class.


  • Quiet workspace to sit for the duration of the class away from distractions where the instructor can be heard easily
  • Webcam so that you can interact with the class and the instructor
  • Either a headset or speakers and a microphone

Upcoming Sessions

There are no upcoming sessions for this class available at the moment. Please contact our training department at [email protected] to schedule a custom class at your facility or ours.