Safety Laser Scanner


The nanoScan3 with its ultracompact design is the perfect solution when installation space is at a premium. With a sensor installation height of 80 mm, it is the right choice where no compromise in performance is possible. Thanks to the reliable safeHDDM® scan technology, it delivers high-precision measurement data and is extremely resistant to light, dust or dirt.

Smart integration time-saving and cost-efficient
The nanoScan3 can be mounted quickly and securely, is easy to wire, and can be integrated into a variety of controllers. And thanks to the system plug with integrated configuration memory, the device can be replaced in no time at all.

Intuitive configuration
The nanoScan3 adapts to diverse tasks and environments, thereby ensuring processes run smoothly. All functions can be easily configured via the convenient step-by-step instructions in the Safety Designer software.

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Smallest safety laser scanner from SICK for simple and space-saving design-in for mobile platforms

High availability for the prevention of downtime

2-In-1: Reliable safety and precise localization

Saves time during configuration and diagnostics thanks to user-friendly Safety Designer software

Very high level of flexibility when adjusting the vehicle speed and direction

Simple integration into different control systems via EtherNet/IP™ CIP Safety™, I/O and EFI-pro

Quick device exchange without rewiring or reconfiguration



Only 80 mm high

Extremely resistant to light, dust and dirt thanks to the safeHDDM® scanning technology

High-precision measurement data via Ethernet interface

Protective field range: 3 m, scanning angle: 275°

Up to 128 freely configurable fields

Standardized communication interfaces

System plug with configuration memory



The smallest safety laser scanner from SICK – extremely rugged and highly precise

The nanoScan3 advances the miniaturization of high-precision and extremely rugged safety laser scanners. Thanks to the low height of 80 mm, even small automated guided vehicles (AGVs) can be very well equipped – and production and logistics can be automated in more versatile ways. Low space requirements: The nanoScan3 was specially developed for small automated guided vehicles.

Reliable accuracy thanks to safeHDDM® scanning technology

Dirt, dust, and ambient light are all par for the course in rough industrial environments. With this in mind, it is reassuring to know that the nanoScan3 can withstand these ambient conditions. This is partly thanks to the patented scanning technology safeHDDM®. It uses numerous laser pulses to accurately detect its environment – with a scanning angle of 275°.

Intuitive configuration, commissioning and diagnostics with Safety Designer

With the versatile Safety Designer software, configuration and commissioning of the nanoScan3 is quick and easy. You can easily implement and use safety functions in the safety laser scanner. Detailed diagnostic information about the device can also be easily retrieved.

128 monitoring cases can be implemented according to the application and enable fluid movements and flexible routes from mobile platforms.
Individual field settings enable the adjustment of vehicle movements to the current hazard level.

Smart integration via standard interfaces

Thanks to standardized interfaces, cabling costs for the safety laser scanner are low. And it can be easily integrated into machines with its inputs and outputs. In addition, a configuration memory integrated in the system plug enables quick device replacement.


Important diagnostic data can be viewed using the display and highly-visible LEDs or read out using the Safety Designer software.


Quick device replacement without new cabling and configuration thanks to the removable system plug with integrated configuration memory.

safety designer

High productivity thanks to central diagnostics via Safety Designer and safe integration into industrial networks, e.g. EtherNet/IP™ CIP Safety™, I/O or the intelligent Safe EFI-pro system.


The World’s smallest safety laser scanner