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APG Vision manufactures camera & lighting enclosures for harsh industrial environments. APG Vision offers housings for explosion-proof environments, food (FDA) applications, and washdown environments. APG Vision also offers custom enclosures and OEM design solutions. Protect your cameras, lighting, and high tech hardware from corrosive, wet, and dusty environments. Keep them functioning perfectly regardless of accidental contact with abrasive materials, weld spatter, impact, oil mist, heat and cold.

APG Vision Product Solutions

food grade enclosures

APG Vision food grade enclosures are designed to work in highly corrosive environments, it also is designed to work in food applications, with care taken to reduce pockets where water might sit. The enclosure is highly configurable, with air cooling and air curtain faceplate options.

pan and tilt mount

APG VIsion pan & tilt mounts are stainless steel 2-axis mounting solutions. Tilt swings throughout 360 degree of arc (if foot is reversed). Fasteners to mount the camera or barcode reader are included.

lighting enclosures

APG Vision lighting enclosures are designed to protect machine vision lighting units in harsh environments including food applications. Meets NEMA 4X standards.

liquid cooled

APG Vision liquid cooled camera enclosures feature all 316 stainless steel constructions. They are designed for high temperature applications with silicone gaskets and drillable cord grip for premade cables.

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APG Vision provides industrial camera and lighting enclosures, as well as pan & tilt mounts, for harsh environments to the machine vision industry by a team of highly skilled engineers who provide safe and trusted solutions. Reach out to Gibson Engineering to learn more about these solutions & how they can protect your next vision system!