Schmalz provides a complete range of vacuum products that include Vacuum Components, Ergonomic Vacuum Lifting Systems and Vacuum Clamping System.

Schmalz Product Solutions

suction cups

Schmalz product range includes a variety of suction cups with various shapes, sizes and materials, providing the right suction cup for every application. Suction cups consist of a elastomer part and a connection nipple.

special grippers

Schmalz special grippers can be used for applications in which regular suction pads cannot generate a vacuum. Schmalz offers a variety of special grippers with various shapes, sizes and principles of operation.

area gripping

Area gripping systems and end effectors are gripping systems that can be attached directly on the robot. Area grippers are universal and are used in a huge range of robot applications. Vacuum end effectors are easy to configure from the modular system. They are particularly suitable for processes in the packaging industry.

vacuum generators

Schmalz vacuum generators provide the required vacuum, generated either pneumatically (ejectors) or electrically (pumps, blowers). Pneumatic vacuum generators implement short cycle times and can be integrated directly into the system due to their compact and lightweight design. Ejectors offer intelligent functions for energy and process control. Electrical vacuum generators are used in applications when compressed air is not available or if very high suction capacities are required.


Schmalz valves are used to control the vacuum as well as the compressed air. With solenoid valves, check valves, touch valves and non-return valve offering, the right valves can increase both the process reliability and the cost-effectiveness of the vacuum system.

switches and sensors

Devices for system monitoring are crucial to ensure the safe operation of a vacuum system. Schmalz offers a wide range of switches, measuring and control devices, as well as warning devices including mechanical and electronic vacuum and pressure switches and sensors.


Schmalz filters are used in order to protect the vacuum generator and the valve from contamination in dusty environments. The filters are installed between the vacuum generator or valve and the suction cup.

layer gripping systems

Schmalz vacuum layer gripping systems can be modified with different expansion options for virtually any process-specific requirements. With every design step, more complex functionalities through more gripping principles, for example, are possible. Pneumatic, mechanical and sensory options from the modular system enable handling applications in almost all industries.

fxp area gripping system

As a unit that is ready for connection, the FXP area gripping system is ready with integrated vacuum generation. With its high flow rate, this ensures high holding force especially in the case of porous workpieces. The FMP area gripping system has a connection for external vacuum generators and is therefore ideal for operation with high performance pumps and blowers.


The SBX area gripping system is an extra robust gripper for the wood industry. It even enables the safe handling of highly warped workpieces. The maximum system pressure is maintained even under partial usage by turning off non-used suction cells.

Vacuum tube lifter jumbo

The vacuum tube lifter Jumbo tackles big jobs like cardboard boxes, bags, barrels and wooden boards in the shortest amount of time. The intuitive operation allows you to move loads up to 300kg quickly, precisely and always ergonomically. It is the ideal aid for machine loading, for shipping and picking areas and for many other lifting applications.


The vacuum lifting device VacuMaster from Schmalz is the ultimate workhorse. Whether handling metal plates, wooden boards, plastic sheets, barrels, windows or glass sheets – the lifting devices tackle even the heaviest tasks with weights up to several tons. For applications where many hands would normally be required, the VacuMaster allows workpieces to be handled effortlessly by just a single operator while protecting the employee’s health.

crane system

Whether as a jib crane or a crane system, the Schmalz modular system enables perfect integration into your working environment. Even as a stand-alone solution, the modern crane system provides numerous advantages for your benefit. Thanks to their consistently lightweight design, they are the perfect addition to your vacuum tube lifter Jumbo or vacuum lifting device VacuMaster.

clamping woodworking

Vacuum clamping technology for wood processing is essential for efficiently setting up console table, grid table, nesting table and flat table systems. Existing machining centers can be easily modernized with the Innospann clamping system. The Schmalz clamping equipment lets you clamp both narrow workpieces and workpieces made from solid wood. The Multi-Clamp is the perfect tool for manual fixing of small and medium-sized workpieces.

glass clamping

Schmalz clamping solutions ensure flexible and efficient production processes in glass working. Suction cups with special friction pads are wear resistant and guarantee precise results, even in challenging operating conditions. Schmalz developed the Quick-Change System SQC especially for machine tables with screw-attachment suction cups. The quick-change suction cups offer minimal setup times and maximum flexibility.

metal and plastic clamping

Modular vacuum clamping systems made of high-strength aluminum for clamping flat components for metal and plastic processing. The modular vacuum clamping systems from Schmalz can be used universally on all CNC machining centres for metalworking. Adaptation works on T-slot tables, zero point clamping systems or pre-fixing in a vice.

fqe gripper

Vacuum area gripping system FQE is a configurable universal gripper with integrated or external vacuum generation for handling workpieces in intralogistics. Suitable for collaborative robots, the flexible large-area gripper handles products regardless of size or geometry.

fxcb area gripper

Thanks to its innovative product design featuring increased contact surface and reduced impact forces, the FXCB area gripper fulfills the requirements of ISO TS 15066. The gripper is easily integrated into automation environments thanks to innovative communications technology.

slg gripper

The lightweight gripping system SLG is ideal for use on lightweight robots and cobots for automatically handling different workpieces. The additive manufacturing process used to produce the SLG gives the system a high degree of flexibility, allowing it to be adapted to and used on a multitude of custom applications.

ecbpi cobot pump

Schmalz CobotPump ECBPi is a new generation of intelligent vacuum generators that do not need compressed air. These flexible pumps are designed for use in mobile robotics, fully automated small parts handling and stationary handling tasks. The intelligent electric vacuum generator includes an integrated interface for controlling and monitoring the handling process. Connection via IO-Link allows process monitoring and predictive maintenance from the machine to the cloud.

ecbpm cobot vacuum generator

Schmalz’s CobotPump miniature electrical vacuum generator ECBPM is designed especially for the automated handling of small parts with a single suction cup. This lightweight and compact solution is typically used on collaborative robots with a lifting capacity of up to three kilograms. Without the need for compressed air, there are no conventional hoses, which makes it much easier to use both in mobile robotics and for stationary collaborative robots.

scpm ejector series

Schmalz's compact ejector series SCPM are among the smallest and most powerful ejectors on the market. The modular system with three different basic versions and the possibility of manifolding simplifies the selection and offers a wide range of possible applications. The "i" version of the SCPM offers numerous additional functions for monitoring and controlling the entire production process and is therefore ideal for use in the digital factory.

Schmalz Videos

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Vacuum Layer Gripping System for Palletizing
Special Gripper SCG for Automated Handling

Schmalz Applications

Pick & Place

pick and place

During this handling process, the workpiece is picked up from a defined position and placed again at another.

Cobots can perform such tasks around the clock and with very high precision and repetition accuracy. If the tasks are repeated, the respective programming of the Cobot can be saved and recalled at any time.

The supreme discipline is the so-called “reaching into the box”, also called “bin picking”. Using a camera system, the cobot identifies the respective workpiece and automatically removes it from the box.

Packaging & Palletizing

palettizing 1

1. The vacuum gripper moves even soft and sensitive materials as well as irregular shapes safely and gently.

palettizing 2

2. Once the product quantity and the target position have been stored, the parts are systematically placed until the carton is full.

palettizing 3

3. The finished packaged parts are neatly stacked on pallets at locations defined before.

Machine Loading & Unloading

machine loading

Cobots can relieve specialists in the company of the monotonous loading and unloading of machines. What’s more, as cobots are always ready for use and can work day and night, the times when the machines are at a standstill are also reduced. Once the workpiece is finished, the cobot immediately unloads the machine and reloads it.

The cobots do not need much space for this, manual operation of the machines remains possible. With the vacuum grippers, cobots are particularly flexible and can be used on machines with different workpieces.

Quality Testing & Laboratory Analysis

quality testing 1

1. The vacuum gripper handles the parts with low pressure and positions them precisely at the specified position for analyses or testing processes.

quality testing 2

2. The parts are tested or worked on by machine. Once the process is complete, the cobot is notified.

quality testing 3

3. In test processes, the cobot receives a signal as to whether the tested part must be forwarded for further processing or sorted out.


assembly 1

1. The vacuum gripper grips the workpieces from above and deposits them reliably in the desired Position.

assembly 2

2. The individual components are gripped and assembled one after the other. Once saved, the work steps can be repeated as often as required.

assembly 3

3. Without spatial separation, the vacuum grippers take on monotonous tasks. People monitor, control and supervise the processes.


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Schmalz is the market leader in vacuum automation and ergonomic handling solutions. Schmalz products are used all over the world in applications within the logistics industry, the automotive industry, the electronics sector or in furniture production - reach out to Gibson Engineering to get started with Schmalz Vacuum technology today!