From collaborative grippers to flexible solutions, SCHUNK provides the most comprehensive gripper offering on the market.

SCHUNK Product Solutions


The FGA JGP is a universal 2-finger parallel gripper of the compact class with T-slot guidance. The FGA JGP series is especially suitable for economic handling solutions and distinguishes by its high cost-benefit ratio.


The FGA JGZ universal 3-finger centric gripper features a sturdy T-slot guidance for the precise handling of different workpieces. Its high maximum moments are suitable for using long gripper fingers.


The FGA KGG narrow 2-finger parallel gripper with large stroke is perfect for universal use in clean environments with light to medium workpiece weights. The pneumatic 2-piston drive design provides direct and highly efficient direct power transmission.

FGA MPG plus

The FGA MPG-plus is a 2-finger parallel gripper features cross roller guidance for precise gripping through due to a scope-free base jaw guidance. The Drive concept oval piston provides maximum gripping forces. It is designed for gripping and moving of small to medium-sized workpieces in low contaminated environments, such as assembly, testing, laboratory and pharmaceutical industry.


The FGA EGP is an electric 2-finger parallel gripper with smooth-running base jaws guided on roller bearings. Control via digital I/O provides easy commissioning and rapid integration into existing systems. Two to four stage adjustable gripping forces for simple adaption to sensitive workpieces.

FGA PGN plus E

The FGA PGN-plus-E universal electric 2-finger parallel gripper with permanent lubrication, high gripping force, and a high maximum moment due to the use of a multi-tooth guidance. Brushless DC servomotor for almost wear-free use and a long service life.


The EGP-C is an electric 2-finger parallel gripper certified for collaborative operation with actuation via 24V and digital I/O. They are ideal for gripping and moving small and medium-sized workpieces with flexible force in collaborative operation.

  • Certified gripping unit saves effort for safety assessment of the application
  • Functional safety ensured due to inherent safety with current limitation
  • Pre-assembled gripping unit with robot interface for easy and fast integration
  • Plug & Work for a variety of different cobots
  • Integrated status display For a visual indicator of the application state
  • Service flaps in the collision protection cover fitted to adjust the gripping force and the sensor system
  • Control via digital I/O for easy commissioning and rapid integration into existing systems
  • Brushless DC servomotor for almost wear-free use and a long service life
  • Attachment fingers available with three different inserts

SCHUNK standard parallel grippers include small parts, universal, long-stroke, and sealed grippers for safe and precise handling of workpieces. They can handle workpieces with weights of anywhere between a few grams and 80 kilograms.


SCHUNK universal 3-finger centric gripper provide safe and precise O.D. and I.D. gripping of workpieces with weights of some grams and more than 100 kilograms. Gripping modules are available with pneumatic or electrical drives.


SCHUNK angular grippers include small-component, universal, large-stroke and sealed grippers with 2- or 3-fingers for safe, precise handling of workpieces with different weights. If workpiece sizes vary, angular grippers may be the more economic alternative to parallel grippers, depending on the respective application.




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Compatible with our Robot Brands

urUniversal robot
Mitsubishi ElectricMitsubishi Robot
Precise automationPrecise automation robot
IAIIAI robot
epsonEpson robot
MecademicsMecademic robot



SCHUNK gripping systems don't just meet today's expectations with regard to maximum precision, productivity and investment protection, but also already meet future demands of gripping system solutions in service robotics, and human-robot collaboration. - reach out to Gibson Engineering to get started with Schunk gripping solutions today!