From collaborative grippers to flexible solutions, SCHUNK provides the most comprehensive gripper offering on the market.

Product Solutions


Co-act JL1 is the first intelligent gripper for collaborative operations that directly interacts with humans. Adjustments to the gripping processes can be made in real time by using diverse sensor systems.

  • Capacitive sensor system prevents collision situations
  • Touchscreen enables communication with the gripper
  • Camera mounted between the fingers for detecting objects
  • Safe force limitation

The EGP-C is an electric 2-finger parallel gripper certified for collaborative operation with actuation via 24V and digital I/O. They are ideal for gripping and moving small and medium-sized workpieces with flexible force in collaborative operation.


Schunk standard parallel grippers include small parts, universal, long-stroke, and sealed grippers for safe and precise handling of workpieces. They can handle workpieces with weights of anywhere between a few grams and 80 kilograms.


Schunk universal 3-finger centric gripper provide safe and precise O.D. and I.D. gripping of workpieces with weights of some grams and more than 100 kilograms. Gripping modules are available with pneumatic or electrical drives.


Schunk angular grippers include small-component, universal, large-stroke and sealed grippers with 2- or 3-fingers for safe, precise handling of workpieces with different weights. If workpiece sizes vary, angular grippers may be the more economic alternative to parallel grippers, depending on the respective application.